New fermented foods and beverages



We develop and commercialize new foods and beverages based on fermentation of plants and "waste" from Food Industry 1.0. Animal food is also a possibility.

Business-to-Business collaboration



We work with some of the best businesses to create new business opportunities in  new markets.


We experiment to make new products in collaboration with crop owners and food companies, and anybody else who's willing to take fermentation to the next level.


We target products for Retail, Catering, Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants.


Unique Proprietary Starter Culture in combination with industrial cultures



We promote growth of plant endogenous microorganisms  and our proprietary unique, starter culture. Developed and tuned to work with difficult-to-ferment sugars over a period of 15 years.


Applying the culture on new crops require experimentation and extensive dialogue with the customer.

Large Scale fermentation

We develop methods to preserve post-harvest crops to let our customers save on storage and energy to use traditional preservation technologies.



Hello, We are Food Industry 2.0:


Ancient fermentation technology coupled with the best in science and technology