About Us

Lab Lab was founded and developed by Ernst Max Nielsen and Erik Sejersen in 2017 with a mission to develop methods to produce lactic acid bacteria imbedded in new products for a new generation of food industry: Food Industry 2.0, 


We focus on Zero Waste in our own production and work with (ferment) many sidestream fractions from Food Industry 1.0.


Erik is an experienced manager and business developer with an emphasis on cluster development in food and health. Erik has also been developing hospitals in the intersection of clinic and economy.


Max has worked as business angel for new research-based ventures for more than 35 years, with a focus on creativity in new business development. Max has developed Lab Lab starter culture for more than 15 years.

Get in Touch

Address: Agro Food Park 13, 8200  Aarhus N, Denmark

Email: info@lablab.one

Phone Max: +45 4040 3264

Phone Erik: +45 2068 5588


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